Sunday, 27 July 2014

Feedback from Debshree Bhattacharya about her Masterclass

I had been asked two questions about my Masterclass.... here is what I thought before & after the conducting the class ...

Why did I take the master classes?

My sole purpose of conducting the master classes on Kathak was to give my students an opportunity to the world of Kathak dance where they go through a strict discipline, vigorous practice with a lot of sweat and fun,and in this process of learning especially my little ones start understanding the language of dance and gain confidence.
I have been inspired by my Guruji's teaching methodology and the master classes that she used to conduct for us during summer vacations. So I thought, why not take my kids through that journey, which I cherish till date, as a disciple of my Guru.
Over the years due to my other commitments I felt I had not been able to give them enough time. I wanted to make up for the loss, wanted to be there with them, grow with them, laugh & play with them through the master classes.

What did I get?

My words are not enough to express what I got from the master classes. I am referring to the feedback given by my students. It was heartening and touching to see the feedback given by them. One of my students has a kept day to day record of kathak master classes and I was really touched to see that she has given almost all the details that was taught to them in the class.
I think, after reading what they have written, that it was the greatest gift one teacher could have ever asked for.
                                                                      -Debashree Bhattacharya

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