UTSAB.... (Annual concert by Brindar Students)

Brindar - Ranan's Kathak training wing led by Debashree Bhattacharya - presents their annual students concert...             


The seed of beauty needs to be planted when the child
is very young. And one way we can nurture it is by making classical dance an enjoyable activity - as enjoyable as the games children play.

The performance opens with the worship of shiva... i.e. Shiv Vandana by seniors students.

Next presentation is TAATKAR (footwork) set in 16 beats through which they will enter the world of the traditional foundation of Kathak through rhythmic variations.

In next two presentation the junior brindarians will explore two poems 
1) Daffodils by William Wordworth.
2) Sobar Aami Chhatro by Sunirmal Basu.

Chosen by themselves & arranged with beautiful music, lively choreography & colorful costumes.

After that brindar juniors will Present "Kaliya Daman" , a composition taught during the summer workshop by Debashree Bhattacharya.

The second half of the programme will present the senior students.

Banthan aai shyam , a thumri composition & Bhopali tarana  both set in tintaal.

The Program will conclude with the celebration of three season with Rabindranath's 
"biswa bina robe"..

All are welcome. Please do come and encourage the students further along this journey of becoming an artist.

                                   Click here to see the Photographs

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